Safe email for your kids is a safe email service for children. We provide a secure service that parents can rely on.

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Safe email in 3 simple steps

1. Build your child's safe email list

After signing up, create your approved list of who can email your child. This is generally family and close friends.

2. Safely monitor emails

All activity is available to you as parent at any time.

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3. You control who emails your child

Any email from addresses you haven't approved is forwarded to you first for approval or rejection.

A fun and easy to use interface for kids uses a clear and simple interface that even children new to computers and email will be able to use and understand quickly

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What our users are saying

" is a brilliant idea, and it looks great too. I can't wait to try it out!"

Claire Carson, Cardiff

"The safest method to keep your children safe when using emails, I recommend to all of my friends"

John Smith, Dundee

"Everyone in my child's school is now using, the website is easy to use and most importantly safe"

Karen Kern, Bristol

Try us out for free

We want to make sure every child taking their first steps towards using the internet is safe, so we're offering a free trial to all new members. We'd love to see you join us!

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