As a group of parents, we’ve always been concerned about letting our children use the internet as a means of communication. Existing services don’t provide us parents with any kind of control over who can contact or children, or what can be sent.

That’s why we created kids.co.uk, a safe email service for kids. All email addresses must be approved by you before your child is able to receive an email from them. If an email is sent from an unapproved email address, you are able to see the content of the email before deciding whether or not your child should receive it.

This level of control means that you can have peace of mind about your child’s safety online, whilst giving your child the freedom to chat with their family and friends.

We hope you and your children enjoy kids.co.uk, we’d love to hear your feedback!

The kids.co.uk team

Approved addresses

Add email addresses here so your child can receive from them

Unapproved emails

All emails sent from unapproved addresses will appear here. You can see their content and choose to approve or delete them

Your child's inbox

Here you can see the content of your child’s inbox, the emails they’ve sent, and any emails they’ve deleted


Add up to 3 children, change your email address and manage your subscription here